Youth Fellowship 2012

Lights Shining in the Darkness

August 10-12, 2012


Friday, August 10

7:00 PM


7:30 PM

Keynote: “Knowing the Light – God’s Word as Lights to Our Feet” (Tyler Kirkpatrick)

8:30 PM

Refreshments and Fellowship

Saturday, August 11

10:00 AM

Session #1 “Reflecting the Light – Letting Others See God in You” (Brandon Evans)

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

Session #2 “Imitating the Light – Behaving Like Jesus to those Around Us” (Brandon Evans)

11:45 AM

Lunch (Provided) and Activities

1:15 PM

Session #3 “Service Projects”

5:00 PM

Dinner (Provided)

6:30 PM

Evening Activities

Sunday, August 12

10:00 AM

Session #1 “Sharing the Light – Sharing the Gospel Message with Others” (Jovan Payes)

11:00 AM

Session #2 “Walking in the Light – Living for Jesus” (Jovan Payes)

12:00 PM

Lunch (Provided)


Here is the flyer and the registration form. You can bring registration form with you when you arrive Friday.

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