Winter Camp

December 27th – 30th, 2012

At Yosemite Bible Camp in Oakhurst, CA

Are you tired of waiting a whole year for Summer Bible Camp to come back around again? Well you don’t need to wait anymore! Expedition Winter Camp fills in the gap between Summer Camps so you can better survive the winter.

Who is it for?

Expedition Winter Camp is for boys and girls Junior High through High School. There is also a special assistant staff program for college age students that includes special sessions just for the college age!

When is it?

Expedition Winter Camp starts at noon on December 27th and ends at noon on December 30th. It will be a great time of fellowship, learning, growing, and having a great time! And if we get lucky it will include a snowball fight or two!

What do I need to bring?

  1. Winter clothing for four days
  2. Winter bedding (campers will be in cabins with heaters and sleeping on bunks – don’t rely on the heaters to keep you warm!)
  3. Toilitries (yes, we expect you to take showers)
  4. A Bible, notebook, and a pen
  5. DO NOT bring your MP3 players or any audio player (They could easily be broken or misplaced, and it’s winter camp and you should be talking to people not sitting there with white plugs in your ears 🙂 ).
  6. Bring anything (within reason) you want to use for skits at the nightly campfires!

How much is it?

Expedition Winter Camp is only $95! If you register before November 1st it’s only $85! If you would like a really cool Expedition Winter Camp hoodie it is an additional $10. There will also be a snack shack with goodies you can buy so you may want to purchase a snack shack card or two. They are $5 each and can be purchased by mailing in a check or they can be bought in person at winter camp.

Need More information?

Go to the event page for registration and all the forms (CLICK HERE).

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