Faithful Living in a Faithless World – Youth Fellowship 2011 Audio

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Challenge of Personal Faith – Daniel Walker

There are many challenges which we face as youth in the church, but perhaps one of the biggest is to develop your own faith. This lesson is designed to encourage you not to have a “hand me down” faith of your parents – however precious that may be; but instead, you need to build your own faith. Daniel Walker provides many important foundations for doing this.

Sharing Faith by What we Say and Do – Eli Schnell

One of the challenges that we face every day is finding ways to lead others to Christ by our actions and words. The lesson delivered has this in mind. We need to learn to become more than listeners of the word of God, by becoming resources to our friends, family, and neighbors around us in our service and evangelism. Eli Schnell delivers are very practical lesson on how to make this challenge into a doable lifestyle.

Confidence of Faith in a World of Questions – Mosenior Moses

Ever feel like questions keep coming up about your faith and the Bible that you don’t know how to answer? We’ve all been there at some point, and one of the main focuses of this lesson is to remind you that just because many people have questions it doesn’t mean that there are no answers. Mosenior Moses reminds us to have a calm confident and respectful poise when asked about our faith, especially when confronted with moral dilemmas. We must inform ourselves and take our understanding of what God wants us to do with conviction.

A Faith Well Lived – Jovan Payes

With doing it on purpose, sometimes we neglect the power of our service to God. Maybe we feel we’re too young to serve, but the Bible teaches that “young” people are of tremendous help to doing God’s mission on earth. This lesson is focused upon impressing that idea into our hearts so that we begin to include ourselves in the various activities and opportunities to serve our God and our neighbors.

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