Ministry and the Holiday Season

Posted on December 10, 2010 by


If you are like the Payes family during this time of the year, you have recently survived a turkey feast and an assortment of pie selections, together with fellowship with family and friends. Also, many are rushing around for presents as the season transitions towards another holiday time. This time of the year can be maddening.

What this reminds me of is the danger of over emphasis of the self and on what plenty can do to our spiritual lives. Paul would speak of how even plenty and abundance can be issues in which he had to learn how to maneuver through spiritually (Phil. 4.12-13). The Lord affirmed that a pile of things is not the true measure of a good life (Luke 12.15).

It was therefore delightful when various ones in the congregation began to formulate ideas, or join together to reach out during this time to minister to others during this holiday season. One sister, provided all the accoutrements of a Thanksgiving dinner for a family that would be lacking one this year (Gal. 2.10). I had the privilege of delivering these items and experiencing the joy of filling empty food baskets.

Another group of the brethren organized care packages for six soldiers far from their families, while they serve their country in Afghanistan during this season (Acts 20.35). Along with treats and travel size supplies, we added tracts and Think magazines to give them spiritual support. Like an assembly line, the boxes were filled beyond capacity.

On the first Friday of December, we had another opportunity to reach out to the community during the Winter Lights Parade Street Fair. We had a booth for the congregation, offering information and literature about the church and the gospel. We also offered free hot chocolate to warm the people up. I was able to speak with the people, and study with a man for a good 20 minutes.

Ministry must not be placed to a crawl, we must always point people to “the true light” Jesus in any season (John 1.9).