Thursday Nights of Opportunity | Jovan Payes

Posted on October 20, 2010 by


In mid-September, the Livingston church of Christ was invited to have a free information booth in the 7th Annual Livingston Fall Street Faire. In fact, since we are a religious organization we were granted a waiver from the booth fee – at least $65.00. That was a nice blessing.

Every Thursday night of this October from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, the Lord’s church is providing literature and information to the city of Livingston regarding the loving gospel of Jesus Christ, and about the church.

As of right now, we have already held two “booth nights” (10/7 and 10/14). So what are we doing? First, we are sharing informational tracts on the church. Second, we are sharing apologetic information regarding creation, evolution, and other topics. Third, we are distributing our church bulletin and brotherhood periodicals and multimedia. In fact, we are playing one of DVDs we offer throughout the fair.

Fourth, we are entering people into a FREE drawing, where they win a Bible, a 1 year subscription to a brotherhood periodical (e.g. Think, etc.), or a more in-depth multimedia study. We provide them with resources to know the Gospel, and we make contacts and opportunities for follow up.

The population of Livingston is close to 14,000 souls. The Fall Street Faire allows us, therefore, to communicate and interact with many people. The Livingston Chronicle adds:

Since farming season is winding down and it’s starting to get dark earlier, the fair is a good venue for people to come together. (M. North, “Livingston Street Faire: Good Times,” Livingston Chronicle, October 13, 2010, 3; article online on Merced Sun-Star website)

The Livingston Chronicle article adds, “you see people that you haven’t seen in a long time” (North 3). How true.

Many of the brethren who have been at Livingston for many years have made contact with members of the Lord’s church, and others who used to attend, who have stopped attending. Through the booth, we have been able to regain contact with them, and begin to encourage them to come back to active service in the kingdom.

We are also making connections between many of the children who attend our services and their parents who do not attend. Lord willing we will be able to encourage them to attend services as a family.

As others have observed, there is a great need for Hispanic workers in Livingston. We have had several Spanish speaking guests to our booth asking for literature and Bible study in Spanish. We are hopeful to expand our services to provide opportunities to reach the Hispanic community.

One of the most important things we do, I believe, in these Thursday nights of opportunity is to establish of few things in the minds of the people of Livingston, California:

(1) We establish our presence in the community.

(2) We establish our location in the city.

(3) We establish contacts for follow up ministry.

Keep us in your prayers this month as we utilize this great opportunity to share the loving gospel of Jesus Christ to the community of Livingston, CA. And, too, to show how this gospel has created a Christian fellowship grounded in the inspired word of God and expressed in Christian love.